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 Our free quoting system, lays out all the costs, services and supplies needed for your particular job, whether it be a repair, bathroom remodeling, or plumbing on a new home. We provide free estimates with no hidden fees so that you as the customer are aware of all the associated costs. We are proud to stand by our work in the Gold Coast community. We at Plumbers 4U Gold Coast are here to provide a professional plumbing service that is affordable, friendly and with satisfaction guaranteed.

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Just wanted to say, when I found plumber4U Gold Coast and gave them a call, they were very helpful and made a time to come and see me straight away. I had a water leak that went everywhere and Scott and Steve organised fixing it and then giving me a damage report for my insurance company. I am really impressed with them and would highly recommend them, and suggest you give them a call straight away.  Mark 2017


We are the Gold Coast’s best plumbing and maintenance service. Our tradesmen will look after your plumbing emergencies and service your hot water systems or plumbing fixtures. We have a number of qualified tradesman in our TEAM, including a bathroom renovator. tilers, builders, electricians, and gas fitters.

Plumber 4U Gold Coast, Queensland, prides itself in supplying the best plumbers for all your needs. We service areas from Tweed heads and Brisbane down through the Gold Coast. This includes the surrounding regions of Gold Coast South and North. Should you live in the Gold Coast region and you are looking for a top plumber, then GIVE US A CALL. 0756463772



We are the number 1 plumber on the Gold Coast for fast friendly service.Our rates make us the most affordable tradesman to employ on your job..Cheap prices that are guaranteed. Simply type in Plumber Gold Coast or plumber 4U.


Our plumbers are fully trained and licensed Master Plumbers. This gives you satisfaction, knowing that you’re dealing with professionals who know their job and can be trusted in your local Gold Coast area.

Burst pipes

Have you had a pipe burst?
You may have seen some major breaks in sewerage and water pipes on television news stories. This can happen in your suburb and does happen around the country. Major pipes, break down from lack of maintenance. Your pipes are similar. It is important to have a checkup by a registered plumber. That’ is where we come in. BE SMART AND PROACTIVE. Get a check done on your pipes so you don’t get caught out.

Water leaks

There is a smell coming from the house and it “AIN’T PRETTY” ….. It stinks, it’s putrid and you have guests arriving for dinner and you want to get rid of it.This will happen when you least expect it. It is an emergency.

  • Water leaks can be hard to find as they flow through the concrete and aren’t always where you think they are
  • Water leaks and water leak detection is our specialty,
  • We have the technology to find the water leak almost anywhere it shows up.
  • We deploy the latest pipe finding technology. Many things that are in the way to get to the pipes.
Plumber service Gold Coast
Plumber service Gold Coast
Plumber Service Gold Coast

Plumber emergency 24/7

Residential or commercial emergency plumbing.
If your water is pouring out, It’s time to GIVE US A CALL NOW at “Plumber 4U Gold Coast”

Drains are a problem, can get blocked easily, and hard to fix. All our plumbers can assist in your blocked drains.
Finding leaky smelly drain leaks and pipes is one of our specialties. There may be numerous obstacles that get in the way like tree roots. We deploy the latest pipe finding technology which then gives us the ability plan the most cost effective solution for the plumbing problem.

What can I DO

Finding leaky smelly drain leaks and pipes is one of our specialties. There may be numerous obstacles that get in the way like tree roots. We deploy the latest pipe finding technology which then gives us the ability plan the most cost effective solution for the plumbing problem.

Call us now  0756463772

History of plumbing

History of plumbing - middle east

History of plumbing

We use our bathrooms every day. Have you ever thought about plumbing hardware actually started out? If you’re like most of us and take running water and toilets for granted.

Plumbing has a very long history in many ancient civilizations across the globe. The picture to the right is the very first system of pipes to carry water from one place to another built in the Indus Valley Civilization. Buildings here had wells and bathing areas with drains in the floors. They had bathrooms with septic tanks, very similar to modern-day bathrooms.

During the reign of the Roman empire around 52 A.D., the architects designed a complex plumbing system with vast aqueducts and underground sewers, public baths with bronze and lead piping systems. This included the wonderful marble fixtures we often see in archeology.

There were an estimated 220 miles of aqueducts, pipes and water channels used to supply baths, homes and public wells.


History of plumbing


Babylon  King Nebuchadnezzar II had become the most magnificent city of ancient times. His palace had separate bathrooms with elaborate drains as well as latrines with raised seats, connected to a covered sewer system. The king’s bath ritual was in the form of water being poured over him by slaves.

There’s a very interesting history behind the evolution of plumbing materials used through the ages and up to modern times. Since it is most relevant and affects us all in one way or the other, it is worth knowing about the progression of material usage and innovations, over time. Going back all the way back to the time of the Roman Empire, piping constructed of lead and clay was the first reliable material used to deliver potable water to bathhouses, amphitheaters, and private residences all over the Empire.

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